How to blow giant bubbles

Being a South African, the art of giant bubble blowing is a fairly new thing,  I was a bit ‘dof’ when it came to the proper technique, so …..through a lot of trial and error, I have come up with a little tutorial for others wanting to learn this amazing past-time.

Blowing giant bubbles – I’ve discovered – is definitely a fair-weather hobby. I find that first thing in the morning is the best time of the day to make the best giant bubbles, as generally there is less wind, less dust and more moisture. All these factors will influence the bubbles size and longevity.

If you are on this page, you are most likely (a) South African and (b) looking for guidance on how to successfully create giant bubbles, using your tri-string wand and Mega Bubbles solution.

Step 1
Do Not refrigerate your bubble solution……..ever

Step 2
Pour some of the solution into a plastic container (you often get dirt, grass or insects in the solution, so you don’t want to pour it all out into a container and risk contamination all of it)

Step 3
Put the container on the grass in an open part of the garden

Step 4
Gently dip and submerge all of the string of the wand into the solution like so. Dip, don’t splash, the less foam created in the solution, the more successful the bubbles will be.


Step 5
Lift the wand out of the solution, keeping the points of the wand together, so that excess solutions runs down the string and back into the bucket.


Step 6
Slowly open the points of the wand


Step 7
Step backwards and with your back to the wind, a bubble will start to form


Step 8
Close the wand to complete the bubble.


There you have it, enjoy!

If you still not sure, have a look at our youtube clips  for a full demo.

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